While the Yeast was Proofing…

I’m waiting for my yeast to proof so I can make pita bread for the next few days. This is my third attempt at making pitas that pocket… I’ll let you know!

Anyway, while I have a minute (the kids are watching a dvd, and kooshkoosh is nursing – yes, I’m typing w/ onre hand!)…

First a pic of Miss O – she miraculously let me brush and put her hair back!

The Chard Salad came out excellent! So did the cinnamon buns and water challah!

The yeast is now totally bubbly and foamy, so I’m going to make my dough!

I love watching yeast proof!
Can you imagine? I’ve always loved to cook, but never fancied myself a baker. Now I buy freshly ground whole wheat flour straight from thew grower – 10 kilo worth! We haven’t bought bread in months!
So while my dough rises, let me tell you what happened on friday…
My brother called, he’s expecting his first in February. We got into a parenting conversation, chatting about the importance of giving each kid the attention that they need even though its hard with three, and he related a story that happened between him and my big one when they were here visiting about how Netanel was able to express that he was feeling ignored, and that they – wait.
Where’s Miss O?
I hear the neighbor’s dog barking playfully. They are best friends. I look out the window:
 Can you see her?
And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. She’s not wearing any pants.
And although we’re laughing hysterically on the phone together, I don’t think my little brother will be taking parenting advice from me!
(Update from the present: I am now typing to the tune of a kvetchy baby, classical music in midi from the little toy piano, winnie-the-pooh, and the two big ones tearing up toilet paper… time to go!)
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