It’s 4 o’clock, do you know…

Yes, I know it’s cliche, but it happened to me.

Little Miss O, princess of curls, and lacking pants and shoes walked down the block. I was nursing. I called her. No answer. I stopped nursing and ran out looking for her, sending Netanel around the block the other way and calling her name as I go. I looked into my neighbor’s house (the one who’s dog is pictured in my previous post) No one was home, except Punch (the dog). I continued looking.

As I ran frantically back towards home, I turned my head towards their house again, the door creaked open, and there was her curly little head poking out.

 The little $%*&! she was hiding from me!
I think I need to give new thought to Hubby’s idea of inventing a leashless collar for children!

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1 Response to It’s 4 o’clock, do you know…

  1. Shana says:

    this is why i lock the doors more when the twins ARE home than when no one is home!

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