Postcard from Home

I’d like to try to make this a Friday tradition, a little postcard, all’s-well, wish-you-were-here, kind of post.

So here’s my first:

Dear family and friends,

It has been raining here since yesterday afternoon! One of the reasons we chose the Golan Heights over other areas of Israel is because so much of the country’s produce is grown here, so many of the residents are farmers, here the connection to the land, to the rain, and to God is palpable.
I called my cellphone company today to pay my bill. We took care of all that stuff, and then I called Odeliya insiide from puddle jumping. So I asked the rep where she was, she said Tiberius.
“Ah, so you’re also in the rain!” (It happens to not be raining in Jerusalem right now!)
“Yes, Baruch Hashem.” she answers. ” ‘שתמשיכו ומלאו את הכנרת בעזרת ה” (“May it continue and fill the Sea of Galilee, with God’s help”) – the cellphone representative!

Love to all! Wish you were here, in the rain!

With love, from the Land of Milk and Honey,

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