Maybe it’s not the flu…

All the kids in his class had it, each one was out for a week, and then passed it on to the rest of their families… and just when I was beginning to feel neglected that nasty stinky virus found it’s way into Netanel’s little cells.
His immune system seems to be making a valiant battle, and I’m particular about not giving a fever reducer unless the temperature is higher than 100.4, b/c the fever is a symptom of your immune system fighting the illness, not the other way around. In fact, I had to have Yoram pick up some children’s ibuprofen b/c we had none in the house.

Well, he’s feeling a lot better this morning, but we’re still bunking up in bed w/ blankets (which I freshly washed) and fresh peppermint tea w/ lemon, and chicken soup. And Disney movies. And in this wonderful, blessed downpour, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything outside!

But I am out of honey, so I will have to venture out at some point… maybe tomorrow everyone will be better… 🙂

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