A possible next step

I started going to a parenting class with some of the other moms, the teacher is fantastic! We’re going to be talking about setting borders from love and how to awaken our child’s own ability to handle stressful situations… – but that’s not the point of the story.

The point is that after it was over, we were chatting. One mom, who is ver pregnant and due to give birth very soon was talking about her discomforts, and also the stress she’s feeling b/c she wants to give birth in a hospital in Netanya which is an hour away. So a second friend who was sitting between me and the speaker turned to me and asked, “don’t you have anything to help her, a remedy of some sort?”

First I balked, but then I realized that I do have something that would put her at ease and help her feel more comfortable! (that’s still not the point)

The point is, that I am becoming known as someone who is versed in natural remedies, I think I’d like to look into studying naturapathy or homeopathy… but I’d love to start with a good book oin the topic.
Any recommendations?

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1 Response to A possible next step

  1. Just Me says:

    maternaid. that will help.holistic treatment for women is greatly needed- also for husbands and children! Seriously, take some time to breathe. Aliyah, Moving, baby, that's a lot for a 12 month period…Call you friend in RBS who can help you figure this one out…

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