My dirty little secret…

Am I a horrible mother? I mean, it’s so sad when they’re not feeling well and they’re out of sorts, but a teeny tiny little part of me kind of likes snuggling under the covers w/ tea and toast and watching movies all day!

And while we’re on the topic, I am infinitely impressed that they drank the tea I made for them today! just brewed fresh mint leaves w/ lemon, honey and ginger. They both loved it! hehehe, I’m such a sneaky mommy, giving them yummy things that will also help them get better… hehehe 😉

Tomorrow NBN Go North people are coming to take community profilee pictures of Katserin! So cool!

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One Response to My dirty little secret…

  1. Don't forget all the SNUGGLES you get while they're sick! You're not horrible at all. 🙂

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