The Tale of Odeliya and Horses

I have been watiing to post this until the video was up, so now I can finally post this story!

A few weeks ago my friend invited me to walk with her to this beautiful stream/wadi right outside Katzerin. So close, in fact, that we walked there: My pregnant friend, me wearing Yitzchak, and Odeliya in the stroller!

So anyway, we go. On our way we see two beautiful horses, we later met their owner, Odeliya went right up to them. Mind you this was her first time actually being near a horse that wasn’t in a zoo. I was extremely disappointed about not bringing my camera! Once we got to the stream and got settled I found my Flip video camera in my bag! So we got footage of us playing at the stream and we also got some of the horses on the way back. Fortunately or unfortunately… you’ll have to decide!

Yes, it is 10 minutes long, but they are absolutely beautiful horses, and it gets pretty intense when they started bullying us for more food. (Also, try to catch what it says on the sign at the entrance in the last bit of the video… it’s pretty indicitive of life up here!)

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