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following last post… Shoulder dystocia resources

I though it might be useful to have some links for anyone who is interested, but I’m mainly compiling this so I can send my friend (whom I mentioned) to one place to find the information that she needs. I’ve … Continue reading

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Informed choices assumes you’re actually informed…

Ok, first off, I’m not avoiding blogging about our car accident last Thursday. The basic account is on Yoram’s blog, and I’m still processing and not fully sure how to express the experience, or even if I want to. In … Continue reading

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New Revelations On Winnie-the-Pooh

I love having a blog! It’s this wonderful place where I can put all my random thoughts and revelations and serendipitous moments where they don’t need to be at all cohesive or have anything at all to do with each … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

I would like to publicly give thanks to the One for constantly providing exactly what we need, and for constantly renewing my faith in my decision to follow the path that has been set for me and my family! This … Continue reading

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Yeast Update

I had to let it go. đŸ˜ĻI’m going to try again and start on a Sunday and set a timer to remind myself to feed it and all that, but I started midweek, had to abandon it on Shabbat, thought … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Spiriruality from a 2 year old

Yoram starts work too early to go to prayer services at the synagogue so he’s been saying שחרי×Ē, the morning service at home. As much as I support him going to מנין (group sevices) there is definitely power in numbers, … Continue reading

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