A Lesson in Spiriruality from a 2 year old

Yoram starts work too early to go to prayer services at the synagogue so he’s been saying שחרית, the morning service at home. As much as I support him going to מנין (group sevices) there is definitely power in numbers, but I’m not complaining b/c it means he’s here at 6am when Odeliya wakes up and I can stay in bed a little longer!

There’s a section of the prayers during which talking and interruption should really be avoided.So Yoram has a little huddle with Odeliya before he starts that section where he tells her, “Odeliya, right now I’m going to be talking only to Hashem. It’s very important and I wont be able to answer you, so if you need something you need to go up to Mommy, ok?” She nods and continues playing/eating breakfast/etc,… So the other day,Yoram finished praying and thanked Odel;iya for behaving so nicely and being so patient.

 Odeliya’s response: “ok, and what Hashem say?”

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