Yeast Update

I had to let it go. 😦
I’m going to try again and start on a Sunday and set a timer to remind myself to feed it and all that, but I started midweek, had to abandon it on Shabbat, thought I could probably revive it at some point on Monday, but then forgot about it and when I remembered it, oh boy, I did not want to go there!

Back to buying from the store for now, oh well.

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2 Responses to Yeast Update

  1. Chava says:

    How do you make yeast? And is there a specific reason you want to?Just curious? Always want to learn.l'Shalom,Chava Gal-Or

  2. Chava – in this post I linked to a website that has instructions. Why would I want to,good question! I'm strivig to be as self-sustaining as possible. The less reliant we are on products, the better, IMO.Thanks for reading!

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