following last post… Shoulder dystocia resources

I though it might be useful to have some links for anyone who is interested, but I’m mainly compiling this so I can send my friend (whom I mentioned) to one place to find the information that she needs. I’ve included some background about who’s writing the information for each site, because one should be aware of where one’s information comes from.

  • Power point presentation on Shoulder Dystocia This is just the facts, targetted to the medical community.
  • Article on the Gaskin Maneuver A study done to test the effectiveness of getting the laboring woman onto all fours to relieve shoulder dystocia. Note the paragraph that talks about the negative data of the study (or rather, lack thereof)
  • Response to Shoulder Dystocia question on Henci Goer’s forum There are links to a couple of other good resources in there too. Like What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know About Cesarean Section I mentioned Ms.Goer in my previous post. Her main site is
  • Homebirth Reference Page (UK) This site is written as a public service to provide information to women about childbirth. She’s not a medical professional.  
  • Shoulder Dystocia Information Page This page is compiled by an ob/gyn in the US. It has detailed definitions, but I noticed that a lot of the language seemed to be geared towards families that want to sue and why the doctors are not at fault. I also noticed that he completely disregards the Gaskin Maneuver based on the assumption that it cannot be performed on a woman with an epidural. But in Ina May’s study she discusses incidents where birth attendants assisted women who had an epidural to successfully birth on hands and knees. And when I found his contact page I found that he has a consulting business for shoulder dystocia litigation, so I guess I was right about the purpose of this site. 
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