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15 Minute Oat Muffins

By popular demand, here is my favorite muffin recipe – these muffins are so easy and bake so fast, and you can add anything you want to them (including things your kids won’t eat!) The original version of this recipe … Continue reading

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Oh Joyful Rapture! Gloriously Delicious Soup!

You mean not everyone gets this excited about soup?? But it’s SOUP. Soooup. In the winter… hot, cozy, creamy or chunky, spicy, comforting soup. And I do believe, in my humble opinion, that I’ve mastered the art of zuccinni soup. … Continue reading

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Birth and healing (a journal entry)

I’ve been avoiding my birth boards, and birth, and myself for more than six months. If healing has happened for me, it has been passive – like the way your body heals from a cold if you ignore it long … Continue reading

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Some recent pictures…

Cuz I’ve been remiss: That’s me hiking at night at the Jordan river with six adorable seminary girls! Yitzchak in all his fleecy yumminess! My little Diva – she chose her own clothes!! Mommy’s pride! Notice the snail that they … Continue reading

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The Olives that Irked Me

On the way to Odeliya’s day care there is this one house that has a small grove of olive tree that hang over onto the path. As the olive harvest began back in Sept, the kids started to notice the … Continue reading

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The "Mother’s Curse" Has Befallen Me

Ok, Ma, admit it! Once upon a time, when I was a little, curly headed toddler, being my adorable, opinionated, stubborn self – you wished this upon me! You said, “I hope one day you have a daughter just like … Continue reading

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Vaccines: Irradicating illnesses or causing complications?!?!

Don’t get too excited now, I’m not writing this because I have the answer. I’m currently struggling with this question, and if I am, well darn it, you might as well join in too!One more disclaimer here: this is my … Continue reading

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