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How to Bite Noses without Getting Snot on Your Teeth

Last night Netanel crawled into my bed to say goodnight as I was finishing up the 4th Harry Potter book after only 4 days.He was noticeably impressed, “Mommy, you are a really speedy reader!”“Well, you have to be a speedy … Continue reading

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Channeling Harry Chapin

You all remember this song, right? today I watched Netanel take a blank piece of paper and turn it into something that made me cry. First he took a blue crayon and started making a 1 inch wide slab of sky at … Continue reading

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What have I done?!?!

Isn’t she adorable? Yes, that’s our backyard. But she’s not ours….. at least not yet. She’s a 2 month old Mini Pinscher-labrador mix that belongs to a neighbor. They’re giving all the puppies away, and we were unfortunate enough to pass … Continue reading

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