What have I done?!?!

Isn’t she adorable?

Yes, that’s our backyard.

But she’s not ours….. at least not yet.

She’s a 2 month old Mini Pinscher-labrador mix that belongs to a neighbor. They’re giving all the puppies away, and we were unfortunate enough to pass by this afternoon. The kids fell in love – including Tzachi! Until one of the pups mistook him for a dog and fraternally bit his face! (not hard! but he was startled enough.)

Then I saw her, the smallest of the litter, wandering off by herself, and when she came to me I noticed that she has one blue eye and one brown. Eitan, their owner, saw the look in my eye.
“They don’t need special food, they eat scraps from the table. See, this is their mother, this is how big they get.”
The gears started turning, the heartstrings churned…
Yoram met us there after work.
“What do you think? Maybe we could take one for a week and see how it goes?”
Yoram, strong, practical Yoram, he melted.
“Take her,” said Eitan. “If you don’t bring her back in a week, she’s yours.”

So… anyone have any name suggestions?  

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2 Responses to What have I done?!?!

  1. Ayelet says:

    Sadly, we decided we were not ready to be pet owners just now, the baby is enough of a puppy!

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