Really useful magic

I know that following my last post, one might think that there is a running theme here, but really this is entirely unrelated. This is something that has been on my mind for a while, probably since my daughter was born 3 years ago. That’s when I realized that to juggle motherhood, wifing (apparently, that’s a word, since my spell check isn’t underlining it!), running a business and staying conscious was going to require a lot more coffee!

Israel is a coffee culture, not like in the NY metro area (where I spent most of my life), where it’s mostly “grab n’ go.” In Israel, it is not uncommon to see a man sitting alone on his porch in the middle of the day, one leg crossed over the other, with a glass (yes, glass) of turkish coffee in his hand. People sit and drink coffee here, whether alone or in small groups. So I fit right in! Although, I grind my coffee and brew it in a filter, and most Israelis will either drink turkish coffee or instant. But I’ve converted quite a few of my friends to filtered coffee since I’ve been here.
So now we come to my dilemma. My amazingly wonderful husband usually sets up the coffee maker before he goes to work, so that when I come downstairs, I only have to turn it on. Lately, I’ve decided to wait to brew my coffee until I get home from dropping Tani and Odeliya off at gan. The routine goes something like this:
I bring Yitzchak inside, he’s whining because he wants to nurse. I know that if I sit down and nurse him, he’ll fall asleep, but there’s no guarantee that he’ll let me put him down. I’d love to be able to sit and enjoy my coffe alone, but I’m also not sure I want to wait that long. After a few seconds of internal turmoil over whether to brew or not to brew, I usually decide to brew the coffee, fill my mug and then sit down to nurse.
Inevitably, a few minutes after I’ve drained the cup, I distractedly pick up my mug to take another sip, and I’m always disappointed to find it empty. I don’t want another full cup of coffee, just a few more sips, and it’s not like I’m drinking your standard 8-9oz mug, my coffee mugs are all 16 oz!
So if I had one wish, and I know this is pretty pathetic, but it would be that when I brew a cup of coffee it would magically refill itself until I am fully satisfied. Sometimes you just need a good, long cup of joe!
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