Live and let die

This morning I went to refill Netanel’s water bottle, and found little particles floating around in the bottle – mmm, kiddie backwash… Anyway… I decided that our mint plant would probably appreciate it more than me, so I went out to the porch to give dear Nana a drink. As I turned to go back inside I heard a crunch and pulled back my foot so fast I almost fell.

Sure enough, I had crushed a large cockroach. Gross. I’m not a huge fan of the things, although I’m not sure why. They really are just ugly and large, not harmful… and we actually don’t ever see them in the house (thank The Holy Protector Of Bugs and People!) and normally, when I have caught one outside, I just kick it into the garden and send it on it’s merry way… so I was unprepared for my inadvertent murder.

When I came back inside, Netanel asked me why I shrieked. So I told him. His first reaction was, “Can I see?!”

We stopped to look at the poor, inverted thing with its guts splayed about it, and he said, “It’s ok, Mommy, the ants will come eat it!” So I’m fully impressed at this point by my son’s grasp of the “Great Circle of Life” but then it gets better.

I didn’t want to leave it on the porch, so I got the broom and swept it off to the pavement. And then my son sighed, “Chaval! (loosely translated as “too bad”) You moved the ants’ food! Look,” pointing to a few ants marching across the porch, “they were already on their way!”

I reassured him that the ants would find their succulent breakfast, and we made our way to preschool.

I love my kids!

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  1. 文辰 says:

    A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth...................................................

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