Little bits of silliness after bedtime

I’ll spare you all the apologies for the pathetic and inexcusable hiatus since my last post in June… 🙂 Let’s just jump back in now, shall we?

Tonight I let Netanel stay up late. Yoram’s working the night shift this week (damn harvest!), Odeliya and Yitzchak hadn’t napped and therefore fell asleep easily and early, so I got to hang out with my little man.

After hearing some great stories, seeing his latest paper airplane flight tests, and talking about the seven noahide laws  (hehehe!!)… Netanel was finally in pj’s and lying in my bed. I let. Netanel is still talking, he’s telling me about space monkeys and swinging on rubber bands and about proper body mechanics for swinging through the jungle, and I would really like him to say shema and fall asleep. But he’s so cute, and when do I ever really get to listen to him and spend time with him alone? The dishes can wait, the toys can be picked up tomorrow… so then he says that something “sucks” and I’m back in the present and this is where the fun begins…

Me: Netanel, I know you’ve heard that word, and it’s not that it’s a bad word, but it is, well, you only use that word when you really mean it.
Netanel: Well what does it mean?
Me: (chuckle) It means really bad, like “על הפנים” (“al hapanim” lit. “on the face”)
Netanel: (a look of understanding flashes in his eyes, followed by a glint of mischief) You know what else is “al hapanim”? When someone throws a pillow and (he pulls the pillow out from under his head) it lands like this (pulling it over his face) that’s al hapanim too.
Me: (I get it…) and you know what else is al hapanim? This mosquito bite (pointing to his forehead)
Now I take my phone off the night table and in a mock annoyed voice I say, while putting the phone on his face, “This phone is על הפנים!” now the stuffed animal, “look, meow is al hapanim!” (giggles from netanel, smiles from ear to ear)

We went back and forth for a while thinking of things that would be “on the face” in more way than one. And at the end of a long week like this one, at the beginning of another long night till Yoram comes home, I was reminded, once again, of what I love about being a mother.

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