Let’s go to the movies…

I have a totally random thought that I decided to share… That’s what blogging is all about right? šŸ™‚

This clip is from one of my all time favorite movies, Annie. And it illustrates an interesting point that came up today in conversation…

Somehow our lunch table conversation stumbled upon movies, “have you seen this Avatar yet?” and “Do you believe their releasing a Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!”

I don’t mind discussing movies from an artistic perspective – the plot and script from a literary standpoint, the cinematography, and my favorite subject – the sociology of movies. What makes a movie popular? What demographic was it targeting and why did it succeed or not. One of my guests, a good friend, said she hates sequels, they are almost always a waste. She said she was so upset by the 2nd and 3rd Pirates movie, to which her husband added, “they should have just let that franchise die.” And then my friend’s next question was, “so when are we going to see Harry Potter 7?!”

Harry Potter is not something I am going to see in the theater, but I’ll rent it I’m sure. Eventually our conversation turned to other things, and the subject was left off.

Then later this evening I was thinking about it. I actually enjoyed the Pirates trilogy, and although I won’t rush to see it in theaters, I will probably watch the 4th movie as well. So does that make me dense, or uncultured, or part of the unthinking masses? I don’t think so. I think it just depends on what one expects from their movie viewing experience.

I only watch a very specific kind of movie. A movie that is entertaining, and leaves me feeling happy and unviolated. I appreciate a witty and intelligent script, interesting cinematography and actors who take their work seriously – but not too seriously! I won’t complain if the plot is exceptionally unique, the acting superb and the dialog scintillating, but I don’t need it.

In the words of Martin Charnin, (who wrote the lyrics for the above number) “Only happy endings, that’s our recipe…” That’s a good movie for me!

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