Dave Barry on birth in the modern world

In all relationships there are things that you bring and things that your husband brings, and even after 9 years, you can still pick up items and say, “oh, that B52’s album is from my husbands pre-marriage days…” and other such things.

One of the things my beloved husband brought with him that I didn’t think would interest me is a compilation of 4 Dave Barry books called, “All the Dave Barry You Could Ever Want” It would probably have remained on the shelf as a conversation piece if one of our good friends wasn’t already a Dave Barry fan. Whenever he is over, he take it out to read. He happened to have left it out on the couch the last time he was here, and as I was sitting and nursing this evening, I decided to pick it up and randomly open it. And this is what I found:
In his book, “Dave Barry’s Guide to Babies and Other Hazards of Sex” he talks about the cost of having a baby:
“In primitive times, having a baby was very inexpensive. When women were ready to give birth, they simply went off and squatted in a field; thiss cost nothing except for a nominal field rental charge. Today, of course, the medical profession prefers that you have your baby in a hospital, because only there can doctors, thanks to the many advances in medical equipment and techniques, receive large sums of money.” 
Love it! 
I don’t know if I’ll ever listen to the B52’s album, but after 8 and a half years of marriage, my husband’s made a Dave Barry fan out of me!
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