Yes, its a political post… so shoot me

A law was passed in the Knesset today that is very refreshing. As I read the article in the Jerusalem Post, I breathed a deep sigh of relief and offered thanks to The Holy One for a glimpse of the goodness so often hidden from our sight.

The law states that in order to hand over any annexed land (such as my home in the Golan for example) in a peace deal, the proposal would have to be approved by a super majority vote in the Knesset or a national referendum. Can I get a “Baruch Hashem!” (more appropriate in the this case than “Hell yeah!” but with a similar connotation)

I don’t usually read the news, I find it too depressing, and anyway, what truth can you really get from the media? Take this enlightening little snippet that I came across yesterday about the alleged hoax of the Muhamed Al-Dura killing 10 years ago. It’s stories like this that bastion my decision to stay far away from news reports…

But times have changed, and I find myself stumbling upon a news article here and there… and it’s nice to finally see something heartening – until you read the appalling response of Kadima leader, Tzipi Livni to the bill. I’ll quote it in just a second…

Israel is a democracy right? The only one in the Middle East – maybe that’s why the definition can be applied to loosely? No one to compare to around here… As I read it, partly out loud for Yoram’s benefit and to assure I was understanding it correctly, I got to the quote:

“The question today concerns national referendums in general and not the specific topic presented as part of this bill. There is a question of principle here, and it has nothing to do with who wants to give away parts of Israel,”

Here I stopped and interjected, “because god forbid we should actually give power to the people!” To which Yoram responded, “she actually said that?” I said no… until I kept reading…

Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni told her faction during the meeting. “These are decisions that leaders who understand the scale of the problems and are exposed to all of its aspects are supposed to make. The public is not a substitute for good leadership.”

What??!!! Sorry, can I say that again… WHAT?!?!

Livni slammed Netanyahu, describing him as “a weak prime minister who finds it comfortable to be constrained,” and argued that the law “has nothing to do with right and left, but rather about how decisions are made in this democracy. There is one national referendum, and it is general elections.”

And in case you weren’t sure yet about how Ms. Livni defines democracy, we have this lovely little nail to knock into the proverbial coffin:

“This is not a about asking the nation, but about giving a veto to decisions made by the elected government and the Knesset,” Livni complained. A large number of Kadima MKs, including Mofaz, indicated that they would not participate in the vote rather than vote against the measure. 

Choosing not to participate in the vote, dear Knesset Members is in direct opposition to the very concept of a democracy.

I love living here, and I believe with all my heart (however archaic) that this is the Land which was promised to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov to be inherited by their children for all time. I believe this is where the Jewish future is. But I think there is a lot of work to be done here.

That being said, I must also reiterate my infinite thanks to Hashem that this law did in fact pass and that if some upstart Leftist lunatic ever decides that we should be evacuated in favor of Syrian dominion over my home – at least I’ll be able to throw in my vote and know it will be heard.

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2 Responses to Yes, its a political post… so shoot me

  1. Michelle says:

    I don't know what I fear more about the prospect of aliyah–living among more Arabs than I am currently used to or Israeli politics. It is very hard to tell which is scarier and a bigger threat to the Jewish people some days.

  2. Ayelet says:

    Push past the fear – and just get here! We can only affect change from within! 🙂

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