What I learned today

~I don’t know anything at all about the deep rooted, intricate relationship between secular and religious Israelis.

~there is more  to be learned from body language than from what is actually being said.

~ I can walk from my house to the municipal building in 5 minutes when I’m late for a meeting.

~ there is no limit to how much dirty Asa’el can attempt to consume and likewise no limit to how many folds and creases must be changed after he plays outside.

~ If I don’t write then I can’t call myself a writer, so I’m going to just write and see what happens.


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1 Response to What I learned today

  1. praisethelorne says:

    Write every day, whether you post or not. It’s good meditative therapy. Don’t censor yourself, you’ll be surprised what comes out and what you learn about yourself!

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