An article I just can’t finish

With all due respect to the author, I am unable to fonish reading this Times Of Israel article about justifying Netanyahu’s decision to release prisoners and enter negotiations with the PA leaders.

I’m having trouble continuing to read b/c of this:

These terrorists, despite the terrible acts in which they played a central part, should have been released to their homes many years ago — from the moment that Israel’s governments decided to forgive their handlers.

via Why Netanyahu is right on the prisoners | The Times of Israel.

No. That is a skewed view of justice that undermines your premise. A person who murders is responsible for his own actions. Humans have free will and no matter the circumstances, even severe brain-washing, a person must be held responsible for his choices and his actions. Referring to their “handlers” as if the terrorists are non-human is wrong. It is the exact premise on which the “negotiations” can take place at all!

That somehow we are being called upon to view Erekat and Abbas based on their professed intentions and not on their consistent actions, is a travesty!

Let’s take a trip down a different road of thought, shall we? You are a hard working business owner struggling to get your idea off the ground. You subscribe to newsletters from some of the best motivational speakers and business coaches out there. What are all their emails and catchy facebook memes telling you? All your great ideas and your talent are wonderful, but it’s your actions that show who you truly are. The decisions and choices you make are based on your internal belief system and they drive your actions – and that is what will bring results in your business!!

And in your terrorist agenda.

So no. I disagree from the outset of your article. Terrorists, murderers, co-conspirators and “handlers” must be treated as human beings – and held responsible for their choices and their actions and the dogma that caused it. In my opinion, they should not have even been serving life sentences at all. They should have been put to death. And then we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all. Humans are not bargaining material. Not the terrorists being released and not the precious lives they obliterated. And most importantly, remember that now the lives we are bargaining for might be yours, or your children’s.

Are you still willing to go to the negotiating table to offer your own life for the ones who will be released? Would you consider entering a business agreement with a CEO who has made it clear that his agenda is to destroy your company? I wouldn’t. The only scenario I can think of where that would be the right move would be if I know I’m going down anyway, and hoping to lighten the blow. If that’s what Netanyahu is thinking… God help us! (Who essentially is the only One who can.)

And on that note, I’m going back to my newborn.

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