My Big Birthday Post

Ok! Here’s the deal, my birthday is this month and I’m turning 36. That’s a pretty significant number! 18 is ח”י – “Life” and in a few short days I will enter into my 36th year – 2 x Chai!
It feels so right to be reaching this milestone at this point in my life. I feel like I have these 2 important aspects to my life.
One is my life within my family, the most precious thing! Wife to my incredible husband, I bless you all to have a life-partner as supportive, loving, understanding and giving as Yoram. Mother to five adorable, challenging, creative, growing children. Daughter and sister from afar – which is such a challenge and at the same time, the gift of having my amazing in-laws living in the country has allowed us to become much closer.doula and baby
And two is my life as a doula and birth educator. This realization
that supporting women before, during and after their births is my calling has been a life-changer. Instead of attending births on the side, just because I love it, I am making it a focus. And, instead of being frustrated at all the times that women share their birth stories with me in the playground, or on line at the grocery store, where I can’t respond to them properly or connect with them or help them heal, I developed a workshop where women can share their birth stories, and be guided on a journey of healing, validation and growth. In the past year I’ve gotten to hear so many birth stories through the workshop!

It’s a pretty exciting time! And I want to share it with you!


The Birth Stories Workshop is an intimate workshop that can be done in person locally or virtually through the internet. The workshop is a safe, non-judgmental environment where I will guide you to let go of and process the thoughts and feelings that weigh on you, while increasing the joy you feel about becoming a mom.

Normally this workshop costs $145 for the program which is 6 meetings. It also includes a private session with me, and access to a closed Facebook group exclusively for women who have been through the program.
But I want to offer it for this month only at a special Birthday rate!
Everyone who signs up in April to join a workshop, even if you sign up for a workshop starting in June, will get the workshop, the private session and access the to the group for only $55!
If your birth had an impact on you, if you find yourself getting lost in the memory of the experience when you least expect it.

If you really need to share your story in a safe and intimate environment, then you belong in the Birth Stories Workshop! And this month is the time to sign up!

If you have a friend who you feel can benefit from this workshop, you can send her this link, or you can treat her to this special program which, I guarantee, will change her life!
Don’t forget to wish me a “Happy Birthday” in the coupon code field so you can get your discount 😉
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