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Reaching out and reaching in…

There’s this thing that happens to me every time I’m at a hospital birth. (In a minute, you’ll understand why this doesn’t happen at home births.) My birthing couple and I are doing our thing, we’re dancing or resting, or … Continue reading

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My Big Birthday Post

This realization that supporting women before, during and after their births is my calling has been a life-changer. Continue reading

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When Your Birth Story Follows You

A few days ago, a woman shared her birth story with me. (shared here with permission)   ​It happens often when I say that I’m a doula, because every mother has a story. And I love to hear them!   … Continue reading

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Birth story of Asa’el (finally!)

Birth story of Asa’el Oct 14th, 2011/ 16 Tishray 5771 4:24pm 6lbs 12oz/3kg  19.5”/50cm My labor had drawn out over the course of the past month, with the rushes building in intensity each time, but then inevitably petering out at … Continue reading

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How babies are born – by Odeliya

Yesterday my 4 yr old daughter came home from preschool and spent most of the afternoon playing in the yard with her brothers and the dog. This happy quiet playing allowed me to unpack a few more boxes in my … Continue reading

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Dave Barry on birth in the modern world

In all relationships there are things that you bring and things that your husband brings, and even after 9 years, you can still pick up items and say, “oh, that B52’s album is from my husbands pre-marriage days…” and other … Continue reading

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The best teacher…

….experience, but it can also cause the most heartbreak. This is a beautiful and informative blog post about an OB/GYN’s experiential realizations about birth.My heart is with you, Dr. Poppy! And may your words be the voice of experience for … Continue reading

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Birth and healing (a journal entry)

I’ve been avoiding my birth boards, and birth, and myself for more than six months. If healing has happened for me, it has been passive – like the way your body heals from a cold if you ignore it long … Continue reading

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following last post… Shoulder dystocia resources

I though it might be useful to have some links for anyone who is interested, but I’m mainly compiling this so I can send my friend (whom I mentioned) to one place to find the information that she needs. I’ve … Continue reading

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Informed choices assumes you’re actually informed…

Ok, first off, I’m not avoiding blogging about our car accident last Thursday. The basic account is on Yoram’s blog, and I’m still processing and not fully sure how to express the experience, or even if I want to. In … Continue reading

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