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Reaching out and reaching in…

There’s this thing that happens to me every time I’m at a hospital birth. (In a minute, you’ll understand why this doesn’t happen at home births.) My birthing couple and I are doing our thing, we’re dancing or resting, or … Continue reading

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My Big Birthday Post

This realization that supporting women before, during and after their births is my calling has been a life-changer. Continue reading

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When Your Birth Story Follows You

A few days ago, a woman shared her birth story with me. (shared here with permission)   ​It happens often when I say that I’m a doula, because every mother has a story. And I love to hear them!   … Continue reading

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Birth story of Asa’el (finally!)

Birth story of Asa’el Oct 14th, 2011/ 16 Tishray 5771 4:24pm 6lbs 12oz/3kg  19.5”/50cm My labor had drawn out over the course of the past month, with the rushes building in intensity each time, but then inevitably petering out at … Continue reading

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How babies are born – by Odeliya

Yesterday my 4 yr old daughter came home from preschool and spent most of the afternoon playing in the yard with her brothers and the dog. This happy quiet playing allowed me to unpack a few more boxes in my … Continue reading

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Dave Barry on birth in the modern world

In all relationships there are things that you bring and things that your husband brings, and even after 9 years, you can still pick up items and say, “oh, that B52’s album is from my husbands pre-marriage days…” and other … Continue reading

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The best teacher…

….experience, but it can also cause the most heartbreak. This is a beautiful and informative blog post about an OB/GYN’s experiential realizations about birth.My heart is with you, Dr. Poppy! And may your words be the voice of experience for … Continue reading

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