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Have Deck, Will Freeze

We built a deck, and it’s the love of my  life. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but I do love it enough to sit out here with my coffee in the chilly morning even though the couches are … Continue reading

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My blogging as guided by a six yr old

Can you please tell me I’m not the only one – sometimes I just can’t remember my kids’ names! It’s not that there are so many of them, but there are usually at least 7 other things going on in … Continue reading

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Fresh bread and butter… heaven!

The most delicious thing in the world, in my opinion, is a generous glob of butter spread on fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. Sprinkle on some sea salt, and life just got even better! So due to popular demand 😉 here is my … Continue reading

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The non-existential post

There’s something brewing just under the surface of my consciousness, and it’s not the coffee. It’s a transformation I’m experiencing and I have been trying to express it in words for the past month to no avail. Yesterday I applied myself … Continue reading

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Lucky/Unlucky Me

There are always leftovers of the lunches from my son’s preschool. Most of the time someone knows someone who could really use free food. But occasionally it’s offered up to the first parent to arrive at pick up with a … Continue reading

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15 Minute Oat Muffins

By popular demand, here is my favorite muffin recipe – these muffins are so easy and bake so fast, and you can add anything you want to them (including things your kids won’t eat!) The original version of this recipe … Continue reading

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Oh Joyful Rapture! Gloriously Delicious Soup!

You mean not everyone gets this excited about soup?? But it’s SOUP. Soooup. In the winter… hot, cozy, creamy or chunky, spicy, comforting soup. And I do believe, in my humble opinion, that I’ve mastered the art of zuccinni soup. … Continue reading

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The Olives that Irked Me

On the way to Odeliya’s day care there is this one house that has a small grove of olive tree that hang over onto the path. As the olive harvest began back in Sept, the kids started to notice the … Continue reading

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I Can Make Soymilk!

And so can you! As I write this I am enjoying a cup of fresh, sweet, vanilla chai tea! Mmmmm….. heaven!I know that you are thinking, “How can she not know about all the information about the problems with too … Continue reading

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Wonderful Tasty Chard!

I bought chard in the market this week b/c we’ve been low on dark green leafies, so I decided to get creative for preparing it. Here’s my original recipe for   Chard Salad w/ Cooked Grains5 stalks chard (red or … Continue reading

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