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Birth story of Asa’el (finally!)

Birth story of Asa’el Oct 14th, 2011/ 16 Tishray 5771 4:24pm 6lbs 12oz/3kg  19.5”/50cm My labor had drawn out over the course of the past month, with the rushes building in intensity each time, but then inevitably petering out at … Continue reading

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Yes, its a political post… so shoot me

A law was passed in the Knesset today that is very refreshing. As I read the article in the Jerusalem Post, I breathed a deep sigh of relief and offered thanks to The Holy One for a glimpse of the goodness … Continue reading

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Uncomfortably numb…

It took me until this minute and writing the title for this post to realize that what I’m experiencing is actually numbness… the question is why? We have a big decision in front of us right now, and it’s weighing … Continue reading

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The non-existential post

There’s something brewing just under the surface of my consciousness, and it’s not the coffee. It’s a transformation I’m experiencing and I have been trying to express it in words for the past month to no avail. Yesterday I applied myself … Continue reading

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When does Hashem rest?

I’ve been trying to make time to say morning prayers with Netanel this week, since he’s been home. Although I spend most of my day praying – which is to say that I am constantly asking for guidance and help, … Continue reading

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Informed choices assumes you’re actually informed…

Ok, first off, I’m not avoiding blogging about our car accident last Thursday. The basic account is on Yoram’s blog, and I’m still processing and not fully sure how to express the experience, or even if I want to. In … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

I would like to publicly give thanks to the One for constantly providing exactly what we need, and for constantly renewing my faith in my decision to follow the path that has been set for me and my family! This … Continue reading

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