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Afternoon happiness

Against the beautiful backlight of a pre -summer Golan afternoon,we glimpse gentle moments of happiness. Advertisements

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How babies are born – by Odeliya

Yesterday my 4 yr old daughter came home from preschool and spent most of the afternoon playing in the yard with her brothers and the dog. This happy quiet playing allowed me to unpack a few more boxes in my … Continue reading

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Sharing the beauty of motherhood

I just had to share this beautiful photo from my beloved MW, Olivia with her daughter Zora. Olivia’s caption: Love is when you don’t mind sitting in an akward position for nearly an hour while your beloved sleeps 🙂 And later … Continue reading

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What’s in your backpack?

This post is inspired by Crazy Stable’s recent post about the sad reality of the death of playtime (my high school English teacher is not going to like that sentence!) You should read it. It reminded me of a recent experience … Continue reading

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My blogging as guided by a six yr old

Can you please tell me I’m not the only one – sometimes I just can’t remember my kids’ names! It’s not that there are so many of them, but there are usually at least 7 other things going on in … Continue reading

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Tzachi is walking!

I’m sooo in for it!

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Live and let die

This morning I went to refill Netanel’s water bottle, and found little particles floating around in the bottle – mmm, kiddie backwash… Anyway… I decided that our mint plant would probably appreciate it more than me, so I went out … Continue reading

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