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What’s in your backpack?

This post is inspired by Crazy Stable’s recent post about the sad reality of the death of playtime (my high school English teacher is not going to like that sentence!) You should read it. It reminded me of a recent experience … Continue reading

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My blogging as guided by a six yr old

Can you please tell me I’m not the only one – sometimes I just can’t remember my kids’ names! It’s not that there are so many of them, but there are usually at least 7 other things going on in … Continue reading

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Little bits of silliness after bedtime

I’ll spare you all the apologies for the pathetic and inexcusable hiatus since my last post in June… 🙂 Let’s just jump back in now, shall we? Tonight I let Netanel stay up late. Yoram’s working the night shift this … Continue reading

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Live and let die

This morning I went to refill Netanel’s water bottle, and found little particles floating around in the bottle – mmm, kiddie backwash… Anyway… I decided that our mint plant would probably appreciate it more than me, so I went out … Continue reading

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How to Bite Noses without Getting Snot on Your Teeth

Last night Netanel crawled into my bed to say goodnight as I was finishing up the 4th Harry Potter book after only 4 days.He was noticeably impressed, “Mommy, you are a really speedy reader!”“Well, you have to be a speedy … Continue reading

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Channeling Harry Chapin

You all remember this song, right? today I watched Netanel take a blank piece of paper and turn it into something that made me cry. First he took a blue crayon and started making a 1 inch wide slab of sky at … Continue reading

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When does Hashem rest?

I’ve been trying to make time to say morning prayers with Netanel this week, since he’s been home. Although I spend most of my day praying – which is to say that I am constantly asking for guidance and help, … Continue reading

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