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Postcard from Home

I’d like to try to make this a Friday tradition, a little postcard, all’s-well, wish-you-were-here, kind of post. So here’s my first: Dear family and friends, It has been raining here since yesterday afternoon! One of the reasons we chose … Continue reading

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Miss O is Potty Training!

My little cutie struts her stuff!I cant help wondering if she’ll hate me for this some day…

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Why I’m Not a Hippie

Yesterday my friend Sarah was over and my mom called.Me: Hey, Ma, you know what I did? On Sunday we ran out of milk and I’ve been trying to cut out dairy, you know, to help Netanel’s behavior. So I … Continue reading

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It’s 4 o’clock, do you know…

Yes, I know it’s cliche, but it happened to me. Little Miss O, princess of curls, and lacking pants and shoes walked down the block. I was nursing. I called her. No answer. I stopped nursing and ran out looking … Continue reading

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While the Yeast was Proofing…

I’m waiting for my yeast to proof so I can make pita bread for the next few days. This is my third attempt at making pitas that pocket… I’ll let you know! Anyway, while I have a minute (the kids … Continue reading

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Wonderful Tasty Chard!

I bought chard in the market this week b/c we’ve been low on dark green leafies, so I decided to get creative for preparing it. Here’s my original recipe for   Chard Salad w/ Cooked Grains5 stalks chard (red or … Continue reading

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How I Melted the Mixing Bowl

It’s 10:15am in the Land of Milk and Honey, and I am ready for a nap! My day so far:05:30 – I wake up to hubby asking Lil Miss O to stop pinching him.06:00 – O (insistantly): I wanna watch … Continue reading

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